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Father Pimps BBW Daughter In Webcam Video

BBW teen pimped out by her dad

My father was yelling at me telling me I needed to get a job to help with the bills around the house.  I’m not the kind of girl that likes to work in fast food or some boring job that pays minimum wage.  My friend told me when you have a body like mine you don’t have to work. I thought she was talking about me going out and hooking for cash at first. When she told me about doing live webcam shows and hardcore BBW XNXX streaming videos online I got excited. I never knew that guys would send you gifts just for logging on your webcam and putting on a sex show for them. I’ve been doing these sex shows for 2 months now and never had a problem until this morning.  I had a guy send me a request to do a cam show and when I turned mine on, it was my fucking dad on the other end.