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I have issues. I always have. One of them stems from the fact that I had sex not long after hitting puberty. So I have been a horny mother-fucker for decades. But my favorite fantasies all go back to those younger years and the things I did with girls, or did to them.

One of my favorite things to do in the whole wide world is to masturbate while watching a girl do “girl things” as she watches TV in front of me. Our family used to frequent another family’s house for parties and I would devour every inch of their daughter’s ass while she watched TV while lying on her stomach. I guess she thought of me as a brother before she wore nothing but a pair of panties and a t-shirt.

Getting girls to do this sort of thing for me isn’t easy. They usually think I am some kind of pervert in a bad way. But there is one girl who always hooks me up and she goes by Kaeli_Day on a free sex cam site.

This site is perfect for me because she never complains and really seems to enjoy knowing that I am in love with her fleshy ass. There are more chubby girls live on cam and I use some of them when Kaeli isn’t online.

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Live Fat Ass Ebony Cams

Live Fat Ass Ebony Cams

What sorts of things would you say to this heavenly ebony cam girl? How about starting off with just how fucking hot she is? I mean, damn! Her booty, those hips, the titties, her cute face, how does she keep all of that in the air without fucking up? It is like she is juggling chainsaws made out of hotness that can cut your cock off if you don’t treat her right.

One thing that has always left me speechless is how hard a black booty is no matter how much jelly there is inside. You expect to press into a juicy fat ass like this, but instead you bounce off of it. The thing is like a trampoline for sex.

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Follow along as this juicy fat ass woman takes you to her lair. She has a 60 inch wide booty, yet still maintains a figure. Her tits are Double-D status with a 36 inch waist. The only problem this blonde with a big fat booty has is finding guys with cocks long enough to make it all the way to her cunt. With all of that extra flesh in the back small to average guys keep coming up short.

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