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Enjoy A Life Changing Kansas City Body Rub!

I’m going to try not to brag here but it’s never going to come out like I am not. Last night while being entertained by one of the local escorts that I use on a regular basis something really naughty took place. We were in my hotel room and things got a little cheeky as I had a body rubs kc moment that I am never going to forget.

I’m not the only guy that’s ever had this happen but when it’s being done by such a gorgeous looking girl its so hard just to try to control yourself. I must have had the biggest boner ever and even though I did try me best to hide it I knew she had seen exactly how I was feeling. I guess at least she knew that I was enjoying it, surely that was the reason for the big smile on her face!

I’m pretty sure the last time something like this happened it was when I was visiting with a few milwaukee escorts. Like on this occasion we were just having a blast and one thing led to another and well… you know the rest. I tell you what I can’t wait to see what happens the next time that I’m around this curvy escort, who know what might take place!